I was moved to call Sopurkha after reading about how Kundalini yoga had changed her life profoundly, as it has mine. Sopurkha gave me my numerology reading over the phone; we had never spoken before and no one referred me. Despite the lack of visuals and our never having met; I felt an immediate connection…a bond! I was on the phone with a kind, funny, down to earth kindred soul! She has a very strong grasp of KY numerology and is highly articulate about it. Her reading not only shed light on areas of my life and personality, it gave me a blue print for going forward as a better person. I refer to my notes almost daily.
~ Olivia Gushin  //  New York, NY

I want to thank you again for the work you do and the beautiful energy you put into it. My session brought a lot of validation and clarity into my life. It made a huge change in my perception, and therefore in the way I’m approaching life. Thank you very much for all the wonderful information. It was a pleasure for me to meet you and be in your uplifting energy.
~ Laura Trujillo  //  Miami, FL 

Thank you again for all the insights received during my family reading.  Having the charts for my kids and hubby provided  me with deeper understanding of their nature.  It was really liberating knowing that my little Thomas was going into his “Karma clearing period” while in my belly, that explained so much.  THANK YOU, it really helped me let go of some guilt i have carried for over 4 years!  When i came back for a second chart reading to compare my numbers with my new business partner’s chart – that was also fantastic!  We now know how to better support each other and respect where we are in our yearly cycle, working together smoothly. JAI!
~ Nilyem Valero  //  Miami, FL

Hello Amazing Women,  I want to again thank you for the numerology reading yesterday.  It changed my life.  I was lost and then found.  It awoke me again, remembering; the layers just dropped away instantaneously.  I spoke to someone today who responded to me at the end of the conversation, “This is Cora I am speaking with, right?”  They were not even sure it was me–the energy shift was that dramatic. Now that is pretty good feedback.  Amazing.  The road is cleared, I know who I am and the knowledge came instantly.  The light went on like Bing!  Very accurate stuff.
~ Cora Davenport  //  Dania Beach, FL

My Numerology…September 10 – I quit my job, Sep 15 – started working at my favorite Health Institute, Sep 25 – fell in love. In November – I started a non-profit business (Injoy Sprouting) to empower kids and family to eat healthy sprouts and live food. And, soon I will be flying to Dominican Republic to teach kids! Just thought you’d want to know how crazy it can be when you let the UNIVERSE work…and most of these things you said would happen and its coming true!
~ Enma Navarro // Orlando, FL

The reading I received from Sopurkha was clear and precise.  It accurately described the series of events leading up to my present situation and status in life.  I gained an insight into the positive and negative traits of my personality and behaviour that will help me to continue to grow on my spiritual path as I face the challenges that lie ahead and also enjoy the fruits of my efforts all of which was very useful.  It was also interesting to learn that the challenges I face in this life are the same as in my last life and this inspires and encourages me to get it right this time.
~ Irene Barnett  //  United Kingdom

Sopurkha made me a believer in numerology!  Her interpretation and analysis brought to light issues about myself that upon reflection produced breakthrough ‘aha’ moments. Like my kids say… “Hey, can I have more?!”
~ Peter Oxios  //  Pembrook Pines, FL

The reading that Sopurkha gave me was enlightening.  She taught me about myself and about numerology.  She provided answers without me asking questions and she guided me with wisdom and grace.  I couldn’t be more thankful for her sunflower presence.
~ Lauren Harrison  //  Tampa, FL

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