How Kundalini Yoga Transformed My Life…

The other night after teaching class, a student commented, “You say that Kundalini Yoga has transformed your life, tell me, in what ways?”  This was such a great reminder about the importance of being specific in communication, thank you for that blessing.  I was able to rattle off several great benefits on the spot, yet, while driving home many more personal benefits surfaced.  I was inspired to sit with this question during meditation and write down the benefits from Kundalini Yoga and meditation that I’ve enjoyed since November 2010, during my very first class.  Here is what came to me (in no particular order) after just 10 minutes:


  • fears (most are gone completely – i had many)
  • fogginess in my brain
  • judgment about others and self / being overly critical
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • desire to get caught up in other people / drama
  • need to talk / to be heard
  • need to be right
  • co-dependancy
  • need to control all aspects in life (including other people)
  • elimination of hormone balancing drugs
  • desire for alcohol
  • elimination of smoking
  • unhealthy expectations of self and others


  • ability to let go
  • ability to trust
  • ability to allow and receive
  • awareness / consciousness
  • ability to speak my truth
  • connection with spirit / creator / GOD / soul
  • clarity – clearer thinking / decision making
  • concentration
  • feeling of security
  • self confidence
  • intuition
  • inner peace / calmness
  • gratitude / appreciation
  • ability to recognize blessings in every scenario
  • ability to love myself and others more purely
  • listening skills
  • respect for life (my own, as well as all in nature)
  • ability to assess risks and opportunities
  • ability to open my mind and heart
  • focus on what truly matters in life (smelling the roses, see photo below)
  • flexibility – physically, spiritually and mentally
  • light and radiance
  • patience
  • balance of emotions
  • desire to give, be of service, make change
  • desire to take better care of my health
  • ability to make more effective and healthier decisions

An impressive list, no doubt; I AM GRATEFUL!  What still rocks my world is how fast the benefits started appearing – some after just one class!  Kundalini Yoga is known as the, “Householder’s Yoga” because it’s so effective you can easily incorporate it into your busy lifestyle – you do not need to resign away your “real life” to go sit in a cave and meditate.  You grab the benefits and get back to business!  This technology is so powerful, it stays with you for 48-72 hours after class.  That means, when you attend class every few days, there is an effortless, constant re-balanacing and positive flow going on within you.  When i learned that, it was my no-brainer moment – i committed to 3 classes each week.  Side-note:  I highly recomend attending a live class rather than trying to follow a DVD – at least until you are more experienced…the group energy and a qualified teacher will boost results!

Please note, I am just one of many, many people who have enjoyed dramatically transformational benefits of Kundalini Yoga and meditation…I invite you to be one of the next!  Find a class in your area and EXPERIENCE it for yourself – just go, keep an open mind and heart, with or without a friend—go and befriend your soul.  When you are “ready” for Kundalini Yoga, you will feel it!  If you are not ready yet, that’s okay, when you are, we (the Kundalini community and sacred teachings) will always be around to serve you.  “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Let Go….Trust….Allow,