Seeking guidance about your life?

Yogic Numerology is an ancient science that provides confirmation, reassurance, clarity and direction for living life in ease.

When applying a specific formula, the numbers in your birthdate identify some key predetermined aspects with which you were born. These aspects help you understand roughly 80% of who you are, and what you came here to do. Knowing those aspects makes the other 20% (your free will) a lot easier to manage. Life and decision making become a whole lot clearer, easier and more enjoyable! 

This information also helps people understand and improve relationships (within yourself and others) and sometimes people even find answers for life-long struggles (see Testimonials).

You don’t need to ‘learn the hard way.’ Instead, learn about what you came here with and how that relates to the flow of energy that exists all around you. This is how you reap the rewards of conscious decision making; choices made in awareness. 

As a Yogic Numerologist, Sopurkha is trained to calculate the numbers, plot them into your personal chart and interpret them into a practical roadmap for life. During your reading, she will share intuitive nuggets (divinely guided messages) that connect the dots for you in a very personal way.

You’ve been asking yourself deeper questions:

What is my real purpose?
How can I communicate better with my  ______ ?

Why is ____  such a challenge and how can I overcome it?
What can I do to feel more fulfilled?
Is this potential love interest a good fit for me?
What should I be doing with my life?

These are the signs that it’s your time to get clear—it’s time to get your lifemap.

Life map creation, interpretation and personal reading is $ 82.00 

Readings are provided via telephone, Skype, Google Hangouts, Messenger or WhatsApp.
Contact Sopurkha to gain answers and valuable insight on living your life in the flow of the energy surrounding you.