A true story of a seemingly typical, not quite middle-aged, gal who went from chaos to peace, auto-pilot to conscious, ignorance to bliss, darkness to light, sadness to joy…let’s just say she figured out how to “clean up her act.”
Now she lives by her motto, “Serve, Serve, UPlift,” teaching others how to make sense of it all and transform their lives quickly too.

SOPURKHA was born in tiny Greenville, Wisconsin and degreed in slightly bigger Stevens Point WI, most of Sopurkha’s early years were conservative and confined.  She did the norm – built a career and climbed the corporate ladder her focus:  Sales, marketing, video production, communications and entrepreneurship.  By society standards, she was very “successful.” Yet, after each bigger paycheck or higher rung on the ladder, she found herself feeling more and more UNfulfilled and empty.  In an effort to broaden horizons and leave behind the bluster of a five month long winter, Sopurkha moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 2006.

“The first half of 2010 marked the most disenchanted times of my life, constantly wondering what is it all for?  Is this all life is about?  Really?  I hit a wall, perhaps a bottom, and surrendered to the unknown by committing aloud, “Even if I have to live in a cardboard box, I will find my higher purpose!”

Sopurkha’s new path, a spiritual journey, began in July 2010, when she fired Corporate America and flew to Italy to unplug, decompress and get back to a neutral starting over point.  Her method?  Volunteering on organic farms – trading her hours of milking goats, harvesting grapes, weeding gardens, cleaning pigpens, and digging trenches in the mountains for a bed, real food, and the best healing around – grounding sessions with Mother Nature.

Sopurkha Bio

In Nov 2010, her soul guided her to a Kundalini Yoga retreat in Mexico, where she experienced an overwhelming feeling of inner peace, divine assurance and an authentic sense of “home.”   That comforting feeling prompted a new focus for Sopurkha to whole-heartedly dedicate 2011 as her year to delve into the power of Kundalini Yoga, it’s community and culture.  In 2012 she received her Kundalini Teacher Certification and completed an in depth, six month Yogic Numerology training course.

 “Yogic Numerology provided me a viable life map, gently guiding me to make the best decisions for myself.  Numerology was the tool that directed me on how to transform my life, whereby, Kundalini Yoga is part of what I do to transform.  I never imagined it could be so quick or simple, but here I am, just two years later – a positively different person.  The search is over, the path is uncovered and the inner work continues subtly and with a smile.  I feel absolutely blessed to have found these tools for fast transformation and I am honored to share this science and technology by serving people who seek authentic positive change in their lives.  Serve, Serve…UPlift!”

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