DivMa is born

I truly, deeply, sincerely love my life…now.  Why now?  Because a few years ago, i was fortunate to hit my rock bottom.  The cliché is true (and logical) – the only place to go from there, is UP.  In order to go UP, i had to wake UP.  In order to wake UP, i had to break UP.  In order to break UP, i had to clam UP and   l  i  s  t  e  n, deeply, deeply listen.

In that stillness, i finally felt the guidance i longed and begged for; the messages i needed to help me dig out.  That stillness allowed the space for me to receive the gift of awareness.  In other words, I woke UP, or rather, I was awakened.  I give credit for this awakening, this re-birth, this “Take 2” on life to The Divine Mother – thus, the birth of this blog, “DivMa.”

Now, every day is an authentically happy day.  I AM grateful, so very, very, very, very, very grateful.  Thank you for the blessings around every person, every action, every word…Thank you for the nudging to continuously open my heart…Thank you for leading me to all the right teachers, experiences and tools, at all the right times.  To honor you, DivMa, i created this blog and offer my personal experiences here to guide others.   I AM dedicated to serve and UPlift – because, i finally realize happiness is our birthright, and your divine intention for all of us!  Now that i know….I share.  UPward bound!

Light, Love, Laughter,
Sopurkha Kaur


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